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Halfords Bikes

Halfords Bikes & Car Accessories

Halfords Bikes & Car Accessories. Halfords have a wide range of bikes, car audio & maintenance products and various travel accessories.

Halfords have well over two and a half thousand products which this increasing all the time. Halfords have sections for:

Bikes - bike deals kids bikes, bmx bikes
Bike Accessories - helmets
Wheeled Toys & Electric Cars - Ride on Cars, Pedal tractors
Bike Parts - innertubes, wheels , tyres
Cycle Carriers - rear & roof mounted carriers
Bike Clothing - legwear, jackets, gloves
Fitness - boxing, work benches
Motorbikes - SatNav, Oils
Gift Vouchers - £1/ £5 Halfords Gift vouchers

website: www.halfords.com

Halfords Bikes, Car Accessories

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