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Thorntons - The range includes its famous chocolates, toffees, flowers and other gifts online. Delivery costs £4.99 - more on Thorntons Chocolates

Hotel Chocolat - Delivered Chocolate gifts and chocolates for yourself with Free delivery to the UK - more on Hotel Chocolat

AQuarterOf - AQuarterOf the classic sweet shop on the Net. AQuarterOf sell 500+ old sweet favourites - like space dust, cherry lips, anglo bubbly bubblegum, candy necklaces, blackjacks and many more - more on AQuarterOf

Love Hearts - everyone has seen the famous sweets with slogans on - buy special sets at their online sweet shop with stuff like Just Married also Kids Party Packs

Chocolate Buttons - find sweet favourites you remember as a kid, or make new discoveries from the most popular confectionery on the market today - more on ChocolateButtons

Village Sweet Shop - Over 600 different old fashioned sweets online all delivered to your door

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